I would love to meet you and discuss your dream wedding but I think is fare if you know a little more about me:

• I like movies, I don't have a favorite genre, I can watch everything from fine art cinematography to the latest blockbuster with Jean Claude Van Damme.

• If you haven't figured out yet, my passion is photography, I found myself enjoying every moment of it and is where I feel more of myself.

• I'm a father of 3 amazing and very active boys and a husband of the most beautiful and incredible woman in this world and in it's surroundings. 

• I don't like to watch sports unless is the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, or whichever real important tournament is on.

• I love eating I mean in case it wasn't clear, I LOVE eating. I like to try any kind of food, however I don't consider myself a food tester. Also I LOVE beer, I like to try local brewers. I'm an Ale guy by the way.

• I like to travel, however I haven't traveled enough. That's in my bucket list along to skydiving.

• Something you will notice when we talk is that I'm bilingual, I'm fluent in English but I can't count numbers or make math in a foreign language.

• I have an Xbox but I don't use it, I can't sell it either so I can play with my kids when they grow up. (yeah, I know) 

• I will do all is in my power to make your wedding day the most special day of your life. I will document that joy and happiness so every time you look at those pictures you are taken back in time.

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